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Sounds like a lovely tale

Once upon a time blog.
Warning: This is not a spoiler free blog! Mostly captain swan, but also rumbelle, snowing and outlaw queen.
Sep 29 '14
Sep 9 '14


I have a weakness for gorgeous men who get adorably nervous around their ladies

Sep 8 '14
Happy Birthday Mylene ( emmasavedkillian )
Aug 30 '14
Classic Disney Movies

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Aug 29 '14

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Aug 29 '14



gif lovingly borrowed from: [x]

Aug 3 '14


I wanted to make a Killian/CS one (◕‿◕✿) [x]

Jul 30 '14
Jul 29 '14

TV Guide Fan Favorites Panel (Featuring Colin O’Donoghue)


can be viewed here:

Jul 21 '14



This is how I think the beginning of season 4 will go according to the spoilers I’ve been hearing.

++++ also 

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